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I've found a zen-like calm recently in my cyber workflow, which means I'm in for a good month of tinkering and futzing around as retribution. Before that hits, I thought I'd document what I've been using here so I can look back on this post with fond nostalgia.

First, a note about my setup: I have a Macbook Air and an iMac, both of which I use regularly for development work. I use them both in an effort to minimize my downtime if one dies or has to go in for repairs. Because of this, I tend toward online apps and syncing solutions fairly heavily.

Up top


  • SizeUp: Rearrange windows like it was 1997 (…back when I ran linux and did this all the time).
  • Spirited Away: Great for removing distractions while I Make Money, Yo?
  • Evernote: I'm a paranoid freak about losing important info. The multi-platform syncing makes Evernote perfect for me.
  • Teleport: Lets me use my iMac and Air as if the two were one. Also, still the best solution I've seen for pairing workstations.
  • MenuMeters: Helps me track down which of the myriad of syncing clients is taking up my bandwidth this time.

Some tools that everyone already uses: Dropbox: The ubiquitous syncing solution. Some performance problems, but all in all well worth the money. Quicksilver: Srsly… Who doesn't have this? MobileMe: Even with all its foibles, and with Dropbox replacing iDisk, this is a must-have service for me. Time Machine: Because a backup solution is only as good as the restore.


In my pocket

  • Here's hoping Quicken doesn't ruin this great service.
  • Ego: Cause I've got one.
  • Instapaper: Another great time saver, especially with Tweetie integration.
  • Harvest: Gettin' paid, yo?
  • ToodleDo: Uuuuuuugly UI, but does exactly what I want.
  • Shredder: I'm not a huge game player, but this is the only chess game I've been able to find that does puzzles.

Daily apps

  • MacVim: Hells, yes!
  • PDFpen: Paid for itself with the first couple of forms I didn't have to print, sign, scan and email.
  • OmniGraffle Pro: Still my favorite tool for documentation and text layout.
  • Mailplane: Fairly good gmail client, and worth it for the drag-n-drop.

Finally, some tools that everyone already knows about: Tweetie, Skim, 1Password, Fluid, and Skitch.

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